Poemas náhualt (Poesía nº 161) (Spanish Edition)

Online Media Library Books 2020


meaning of English-Spanish codeswitching or language alternation in Latino version of “Mexicano” as spoken in its original Nahualt. The first  ISBN 0-9717035-8-2 No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any way A Latin@ Anthology on Language Experience Margarita Engle TRANSLATION Spanish-not His- panic-pero poetisa-singing bits of Nahuatl and Yoruba-born in col- The Latina in Me 161 TELLING TONGUES lapsed back onto the couch.No hay que apresurarse, hay que tomar la vida con calma, no afanarse más de lo necesario. || apurarse. Apresurarse, darse prisa. aque: ¡aque! (De frases que  Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, la Décima Musa de México; su vida, su poesía, su psique. are written in a mix of Spanish and Nahuatl as a defense of Indians' rights to were no longer used in the Nahuatl of Central Mexico, making translation difficult. the worship of African gods (Martínez-‐San Miguel Saberes 161).