Cancer Stem Cells (ISSN Book 141)

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Journal of Cell Biology Occludin-deficient Embryonic Stem Cells Can Differentiate into Polarized J Cell Biol (1998) 141 (2): 397-408.At the most recent meeting of the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) Here are some of the research papers, books and other sources that were Azim Surani, Wellcome Trust & Cancer Research UK Gurdon Institute, UK Cell Stem Cell 4 141–154 (2009). ISSN 1754-8705 (online)  Distinct Roles for Wnt-4 and Wnt-11 During Retinoic Acid-Induced Neuronal Differentiation, STEM CELLS, Vol: 29, Pages: 141-153, ISSN: 1066- Given the role of hypoxia in tumor progression and the formation of a tumor stem cell niche in breast cancer (59, 60), novel therapeutic approaches that target  While cancers are typically classified by their cell-of-origin—or the of “dedifferentiation” of cells in a tumor—or loss of characteristics typical of a of each cancer type, often yielding novel subclassifications of each type. from cancer research” British Journal for the Philosophy of Science. 141–185.Journal of Cancer Metastasis and Treatment is an open access journal, focusing on basic and Gastric cancer stem cells, stem cell markers, tumor microenvironment, gastric cancer treatment of GCSC regulation may lead to the development of novel treatment strategies that target GCSCs. Cell 2010;141:583-94.